Friday, December 25, 2020

This is the Blacktron way.

 If you haven't watched The Mandalorian.... Go do it now. Then come back here and enjoy how awesome this ship. After you do that, go vote for it on Lego IDEAS.

Nuff said.

Monday, November 23, 2020

"I only work in black. With yellow and a bit of trans red"

 It's not quite what Batman said in The LEGO Movie, but it's certainly what he's think after seeing this MOC by Stephan Thomsen.


It's Blacktron Batwing. Does that make it a Blackwing? BatTron?

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Five in One!

 A simple little bit of Fig BARF by Tomas Marny, in which he utilizes all 5 different kinds of Blacktron torsos.

I may have a bias towards Blacktron 2, but the one utilizing the Blacktron 2 torsos is my favorite. Perhaps he should have gone for the lime coloured visor?

Saturday, October 24, 2020

One-upping the X-wing

Question:  How to make an X-Wing better?

Answer: Colour it Blacktron, and add more wings.

That's basically what Brian Lasso did with his latest MOC.


I feel the ship design evokes more of a Blacktron 2 style, with the bubble cockpit, and the split wings, but that logo on the back is so nicely done, how can I complain?

Friday, September 11, 2020

Wanting some beef now

 Swooshing in from the Blacktron 2 ship yards is this Cobra ship by Gaurav Thakur.

The beefed up cockpit, big beefy arms, lots of guns, what's not to like?

I am very much a fan of the triple wings, once did something similiar, but nowhere near as beefy as this one. Kinda reminds me of Trogdor to be honest.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

The hunter is after you

 Especially if you are on a wanted list somewhere. Zach Sweigart has built this sweet ship for the Blacktron Bounty Hunter from the CMF Series 19. There's a bit more dark grey than is normal for a OG Blacktron MOC, but with the Bounty Hunter at the help, it fits perfectly.

And it seems he already has a bounty captured!

Thursday, July 16, 2020


First off, I apologize for the long wait.

Second, I would like to thank everyone who entered this contest. I had 57 entries (If I counted correctly) which has made this the most successful Colour it Blacktron contest yet!


Category 1 Spaceship winner: BT-687 Allied Avenger by The Brick Artisan

This MOC may look familiar to readers, as I blogged it while the contest was going on. I loved it that much.

Category 2 Ground Vehicle Winner: Blacktron2 Railgun Tank by Spencer Winson.
I love the actual rocks used in the layout.

Category 3 Base winner: Neon Beacon Espionage Outpost by Spaceruner
Easily my favourite tensegrity structure.

Category 4 Minifig winner: Blacktron Mandolorian by Umbra Manis
I think the only way to have topped this guy was to do Blacktron Scout Trooper.

Category 5 Set recolour winner: Blacktron Radio Tower by TheBrickshipyard. A recolouring of the Wolfpack Tower

Everything about this is perfect. down to the posing and the angle of the camera.

Category 6 MOC Recolour Winner: BT-926 also by the Brick Artisan.


I will contact you all shortly by email to get your address to send out your prize!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Contest has ended!

It is now the 22nd of June in every part of the world so the Colour it Blacktron Contest 6 is now closed for entries. Judging will commence at some point.

Winners of each category will be announced here on the blog, as well as each winner will be contacted by email.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Last call for entries!

Tomorrow at midnight marks the end of the Colour it Blacktron Contest 6! So you have a whole weekend to get those last minute entries in!

So get building if you want a shot at winning some sweet Blacktron swag!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Torso variation.

With the large amount of Blacktron 2 torsos I have gathered over the last 15 years, I have found quite a bit of variation in the prints. Below I show you the three most different ones I have come across.
The center one is what I would consider the normal variant, being the most common. The one on the left has been the most are, I have only gotten two of it so far. It's much more olive green than the lime that is normal and typical. The one on the right is a lighter variant. Fairly common as well, but not what I would think of as the normal type.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

CiBtC Minifig ispiration!

A MOC without a minifig is a dull, lifeless MOC. Or microscale...

Regardless, minifigures are awesome, and with all the parts available nowadays, one can make som many different looking Blacktron minifigs! I'm going to show you a number of mine, hopefully to get you all inspired to build your own, and submit them to the CiBtC 6!

First off, I have a few favorite members from the F.E.Z. team, plus my Sigfig. He's the elephant on the left. Read about their adventures here! These guys are a good example of what one can go with a bit of customizing.
 Just to show you I work in the OG Blacktron, we have a group here of guys, all using official parts.

Next we have a group of space Pirates, made using all official parts, no painting or cutting here!

These guys are made using mostly parts from CMFs. Simple, but they look good.
 This group I like to call the Supreme leader and his special operatives and guards.
And lastly, a group of just Blacktron coloured beings, obviously meant to infiltrate other themes.

Hopefully this casn give you all inspiration to enter the CiBtC 6!

Monday, May 11, 2020

X-tra large Ally

The Brick Artisan has created what I would consider the scariest looking Allied Avenger revamp to date. The builder also enlarged the scale of the ship, which enhances the scare factor. And to top it off, the builder cut down a lot on the white. a bit too much for my favoured style, but it really works here.

And remember, if you build a Blacktron MOC in the next month and a half, you should enter it in the Color it Blacktron Contest VI for a chance to win some Blacktron!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Colour it Blackton Contest VI



Now, for contest rules. I am pretty loose with rules, but there are some.

#1: All MOCs must be Blacktron. If I see any Space Police, you will be shot into space.

#2: NEW MOCS ONLY! I don't want people submitting old Blacktron MOCs. Unless you are recolouring an old MOC into Blacktron colours (This is the case for category #5)

#3: No Megabloks. Cutting and painting parts are fine.

#4: Digital builds are welcome!

#5: Adhere to each category's specific rules.

#6: I reserve the right to change anything at anytime.

#7: Microscale is fine, with the exception of the minifigure category, obviously.

#8: Enter as often as you wish.

Now, for the categories again, but with MORE INFO AND PRIZES!!!!!

Category 1: Spaceship! Build a Blacktron 1 or Blacktron 2, or heck, even Blacktron 3 spaceship! It's really self explanatory.

PRIZE: 6887 Allied Avenger

Category 2: Ground based vehicle. If it moves, but stays on the ground (Or water even. Build a Blacktron sailing ship. I DARE YOU) it belongs in this category.

PRIZE: 6876 Alienator

Category 3: Base. It can be a base on the ground, or a space station in, uh, space. Or a spcaestation that has crashed on the ground. that works too..

PRIZE: 6710 Space Landing Pads. A good start for a Blacktron Base!

Category 4: Custom Minifig. No buildings, backdrops, or bricks. Unless it's a brickbuilt minifig, like a Brickheadz, or a Miniland figure. This will be judged SOLELY on the minifig(s)

PRIZE: A Blacktron 1 Minifig, a Blacktron 2 Minifig, alien Rench from the SP3 line, a CMF Series 3 Space Villain, CMF Series 11 Evil Mech, and a CMF Series 19 Bounty Hunter

Category 5: Recolour a official Lego set into Blacktron. The only sets that are exempt, are the Blacktron sets. Because they are already Blacktron. Reclouring a Blacktron 1 into Blacktron 2 set (Or vise Versa) is frowned upon. You can follow the original set as closely as you can, or you can take more liberties. If I feel the MOC has strayed too far from a set, I will move it to a more appropriate category. When entering, you must also send a picture of the set you have recoloured. At the very least, give me the set name and number. REMEMBER: ANY SET (Except Blacktron) FROM ANY THEME IS VALID. CASTLE. TOWN. BIONICLE. ALL OF IT.

PRIZE: A custom Blacktronized versions of 6648 Mag Racer, and 6125 Sea Sprint 9.

Category 6: Recolour and Old MOC. Take any of your own MOCs. Now, rebuild it into BLACKTRON. When submitting photo, must also have a photo of original MOC. Otherwise, I will put it into one of the other categories that it best fits.

PRIZE: 6894 Invader

Once again, the deadline is June 21st, 2020. Submissions can be made to

Now get building!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Colour it Blacktron Contest VI!

11 years ago yesterday, I created this blog. Pretty much every other year I have hosted a contest on this date. Last one was back in 2017, so it's been a few years, but the Colour it Blacktron Contest is BACK AND BIGGER THAN EVER!
This year, we have 6 different categories to build for!

#1: Blacktron Spaceship! If it flies in space, it goes here!

#2: Blacktron Rover! If it moves, but doesn't fly, it goes here!

#3: Blacktron Base! If it doesn't move at all, it goes here!

#4: Blacktron Minifig! Build a custom Blacktron Minifig. Painting and chopping pieces welcomed here!

#5: Recolour and old MOC into Blacktron colours!

#6: Recolour any set into Blacktron!


Further information to come about submitting creations, but for now, just get building!

DEADLINE IS JUNE 21ST 2020. Who cares what timezone. If it says June 21st 2020, IT'S ALLOWED!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Galactic Blacktron Empire

This is what this blog is all about. Recolouring things into Blacktron

Lego needs to make a new TIE Interceptor (and bomber for that matter). Lego also needs to make more Blacktron. Luke Schutt solves both those problems with his Blacktron Interceptor.
The colour scheme is great, and the cockpit really works. I think the TIE Defender set is now REALLY asking to be recoloured. I guess I know what's on my list to build now.