Sunday, March 12, 2017

Deep in the frozen wastelands or Krysto

This isn't a fancy MOC of any kind, such a simple Ice Planet tower in the snow with a Blacktron crash survivor. Some great photography by Adam Hughes

Obviously this leads up to this from the 1993 Lego catalogs  (Or perhaps its the other way around?)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Too much too late

This SHIP was built for SHIPtember last year, but the builder had an unfortunate incident, so wasn't able to post it online until recently. It's too bad, as this is quite the impressive Blacktron 1 SHIP.

The only issue I have, is the top is a bit bland. It's quite flat and bland, especially when compared to the front area of the ship.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Looks like I'm getting in my "One post per month" average. Oh well....

Frost built this monopod for Febrovery. I don't have much to say about it, other than it doesn't look functional...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Just under the wire

I still did a bit of working on it after the new year, but this stands as the last creation I built in 2016.

Really, is there anything else to say? I'll probably have some more close up pictures at some point. Maybe.

Maybe I should have posted this earlier

After seeing that landing pad form my previous post, this Moonbase I made a couple months ago is quite... square in comparison. I built it for a display my lug did (SALUG, the show was called Brix n Blox) The photography is also not as great, but I was feeling quite lazy, and just wanted some quick pictures.
More pictures on my Flickr, if you're interested

Monday, January 9, 2017

A sight for sore eyes

After a long mission of stealing from other spacefaring nations, this landing pad by Luc Byard is sure to bring a sigh of relief from even the toughest of Blacktrons

I really like the resemblance to the landing pad from the Alpha Centauri Outpost.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Star Wars fever

It's possible I  may have blogged this before, I certainly recall seeing before, but since I'm in such a Star Wars swing, I thought I'd post it anyways.

Bongobert built this lovely X-wing fighter, obviously stolen and heavily modified. The Jolly Rogers on the wings are a nice touch.

But don't fret, Blacktron will steal from the First Order too, as shown to us by Jesse Horn with his recoloured First Order TIEs.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

MFP Tony

NAME: Tony Siborg
NICKNAME: Technic Man 
AGE: 498
BACKGROUND: Tony is the son of Sammy Cyborg, hence, he has an extremely long lifespan, but he only remembers that last 30-35 years at any given time. His dad sent him out into the galaxy at the age of 400 or so, and after a few decades of wandering about, he got into a incident with the Blacktrons, was imprisoned, scheduled for termination, when Dr. Winks found him, and recruited him into FEZ.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Tony was the first member of FEZ. (Sort of....) I one day just wanted to make a Blacktron technic figure, so I aqcuired the parts then made. Then I wanted to do the same for every other kind of minifig (Friends, martians, microfig, ect.) Next thing I know, I had a whole group, and the beginnings of FEZ was formed.
ACQUIRED: Bricklink

Blacktron 1.5

Locutus shows us what happens when the Blacktron 1 start stealing form the Blacktron 2.

Now I want to see all the Blacktron 2 sets done in Blacktron 1 style. And vise versa!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Trying to find witty title and failing....

You may recognize certain parts of this base by Stephan Niehoff (I have posted enough of his stuff now I can write his name without making any mistakes), for I have posted parts of it before, but now he has completed his base and it is quite impressive. everything from boats, to trains, to spaceships to soccer balls!

There are many pictures to go through, so make sure to check them out.

My favorite part is still the crates using dice parts and custom tiles. I want some. The landing pad inspired by the official Lego landing pad baseplates is also pretty neat.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Space Camping

anries sho shows us what it's like to go camping when you are an evil space dude.

An awesome, fun little creation. I dunno why, but I love the trans red octagons on the side.

MFP Daisy

NAME: Daisy
NICKNAME: Stupid, Useless, Surfboard, Shield 
AGE: ?????.....? 
BACKGROUND: No one really knows what Daisy's background. He/she/it simply wandered out of Dr. Wink's lab one day saying "Hi there" to everyone.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Another member of FEZ (I said I was going to do this every Friday, but I SHOULD have mentioned that I am going to do this on Fridays where they go and meet their family.
ACQUIRED: Interesting story. The head of this guy belongs to one of my oldest Lego sets. When I acquired the set, I have no idea, but I am fairly certain it was 1850 Freestyle set Polybag. I have no way of confirming this outside of finding a time machine, but the parts fit with what I had. I had no inner struggles with taking a Sharpie to the head to get the neon green visor effect. The rest of the body I simply built to resemble a Blacktron II minifig and the normal "body" piece those "figures" had.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

MFP Axel Erate

Anyone remember these? No?

NAME: Axel Erate
AGE: ????? 
BACKGROUND: Axel Erate is a Xalaxian. Therefore, he has a love for three things. farting, racing, and farting. He heard about an intergalactic race. Unfortunately, halfway through the race, he crashed into a Blacktron racer, and was imprisoned by the Blacktrons. He wasn't incarcerated for long, however as Doctor Winks found about him. He released him from prison, under the condition that he join the newly formed special ops team Fleebnork Extermination, Zeta squad, or FEZ. An excellent pilot, his talents were put to use
BEHIND THE SCENES: This guy is one of the 14 members of FEZ, who I will be spotlighting on Fridays (I'm a day late this time...), as their storyline in my comic will be focusing on their past. FEZ is full of various forms of minifigs (Duplo, Homemaker, techinc, etc.)I custom made. This guy was on of the easiest, though Sharpying his arms wasn't too easy. You can check out the Comic here, Updates Fridays!
ACQUIRED: Bricklink, 2013.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

When worlds collide

Little known fact #1: I like Bionicle

Little known fact #2: The title is very punny if you know the Bionicle story.

So here is what happens when I build my self-MOC. Bionicle and Blacktron (Plus Pirate! And Star Wars!)

Little known fact #3: This is the first, and maybe the last, MOC I have ever built that could be on all three of the blogs that I have (This one, my defunct Pirate on, and the Bionicle one I share with my brother.
I am really happy with how the head turned out.

This isn't the first Blacktron Bionicle I have built. Kotonn here was first. He is part of FEZ. Remember that? Yeah, it's still a thing, Updates Fridays.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Step 1: Grab a boat hull

David Alexander Smith gives us this delightful info on how to use old ship hulls.

To sum it up, boat hull + Blacktron = instant awesome