Friday, March 8, 2013

Aerial Impeder

What happens when you mix a new Trans-neon green panel, a classic Blacktron 2 set, and a Rebel ?Blockade Runner?


I had acquired that 10x10x12 Quarter dome and immediately wanted to use it in the way that I did. I was very happy with how the front turned out, though irony would strike, in that I wasn't fond of the rear. Oh well, live and learn.
More pics!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ensign Jerry Traine

Already I am making changes to my continuity. Instead of having to wait for a certain age to join the BtMA, it is a mandatory thing, like many country's military.
NAME:Ensign Jerry Traine 
BACKGROUND: Not sure what to do with his life, Jerry Traine decided that since there was a mandatory Military stint, he decided to just continue on with it. An only child and an orphan with no close relatives, there was no one to argue, so he went with it. Security was a perfect fit, for Jerry loved weapons. He is starting his young career, but shows a promising future.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Not much to say about this guy, other than he is a good example of how multiples of Collectible Minifigures can be put to use. In this guys case, it was an extra Football player from Series 8. 
ACQUIRED: Sub Orbital Guardian (2nd copy), Brickcon 2012