Monday, December 10, 2012

Blacktron VVs

Novvember this year churned out a lot of VVs alla round, and Blacktron got it's fair share. I held off most of Novvember posting, simply because I was beginning to see so many great Blacktron VVs, so I wanted to get them ina  group shot. Many thanks to Pasukaru for making the image!

This image is very indicative of the kinds of VVs that were seen this year. Very large, and very small were two common themes this year.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lieutenant-Commander Andrea Porter

NAME:Lieutenant-Commander Andrea Porter 
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Spectral Starguider
BACKGROUND: Born to two officers in the Blacktron Military, Andrea was borught up mostly by an aunt, but grew to be very much like her parents, and so she joined the Military at the age of 18. Having both parents in the Military, she was able to rise in the ranks very quickly. An exellent shot with just about every form of gun, laser, and even rock throwing, she was handpicked to go on a very special assignment.
BEHIND THE SCENES: One of my most recent figs, there isn't much to say here. Though I am going to point out the custom torso. I have about 3 Blacktron females who sport this torso. It was my first attempt to make a female torso sticker for a minifig, though Andrea wasn't the first fig to use it.
ACQUIRED: A LUG member, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Novvember is back

And Blacktron is still kicking butt!

With massive Vic Vipers like this, The awesomeness of Blacktron has been kicked up a notch. Uspez Morbo is a master at Blacktron.

Check it out on Flickr!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An old spin on a new thing

These two little hovercrafts by P3-K4 are just a remake of one of the little hover things for the aliens in the Alien Conquest line, but simply by being Blacktron, they are that much cooler. These would make great entries in the Colour it Blacktron contest, but wrong time of year...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Here we go again

I know I haven't to diligent in updating as of late, but updates are going to be very few for the next little while, as I am currently having modem issues.


Monday, October 22, 2012

At Long Last...

I first started collecting Blacktron about September 2004. That was the year I actually discovered Blacktron.

And now, after 8 years--

Wow. 8 years. Doesn't seem like 8...

Anyways, after 8 years, I have finally aquired the last Blacktron II set! I finally have a copy of 1462 Galactic Scout. Yeah, Galactic scout was the last one for me to aquire. Smallest set.

Um, yeah....

Still only have one Blacktron I set. Going to have to fix that at some point.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ensign Paul Smith

Time to go out of the usual program and pick someone low ranking...
NAME:Ensign Paul Smith 
BACKGROUND: Paul Smith is the nephew of a Blacktron who defected to the M-Trons. An only child who's parents were gone a lot, Paul had to fend for himself much, hence he found a love for tinkering with things, especially engines. At the age of 16, he simply left his absent parents to join the BMA, and strangely was accepted at a young age. He graduated middle of the class, and became an engineer. The Alpha Centauri is his second assignment, and he is looking forward to hearing his favorite sound, the sound of a engine going full out.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Named after a younger brother, this Minifig is related to an M-tron by virtue of that younger brother loving M-tron, and having a M-tron fig with the same face, known as a 'Smith' face to my family.
ACQUIRED: Alpha Centauri Outpost, VIA Bricklink, circa 2006

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last Minute

As I type this, I am in a hotel, last night before Brickcon. WOOOoo00t!! That is waht is so last minute.

The BT Razorback by Genghis Don is anything but last minute. In fact, he is jumping the gun with this rendered Vic Viper. Someone needs to remind him that NoVVember isn't till next month.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Scimitars are like B-wings

At least if halfbeak has anything to say about it. The Blacktron Scimitar XX-99 is a very B-wing-esque ship, which isn't something that is done often enough. Oh, and the stand has some NPU.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alpha Orion II

My latest Blacktron II SHIP, the Alpha Orion II:

First off, yeah it's kind of boxy. but that is because this ship was built a little different then my others. This one I had designed the interior first. Basically with most my ships, I'll build the exterior first, and then fit the interior inside. This ship was built because I wanted to have an interior that wasn't lacking in some places, most especially the living quarters.
As you can see above, the living quarters are a lot more elaborate than any previous ship's. Each crew member actually have their one bed, with some personal items (With the exception of the ensigns..) The captain even has his own room! The ship also has the usual bridge, enginering, and two shuttle bays, but I won't go into those.

For more pictures, please visit the Brickshelf gallery here

Monday, August 13, 2012

Blacktron X-1 Space Fighter

Peter deYeule gives us this beautiful and sleek Blacktron I fighter that is very aptly named Blacktron X-1 Space Fighter. The way the 4 wings slope forward is something I approve of, for it gives it a more menacing look to it. The big guns don't help with that, either.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Commander Fauntleroy Cendle

Hopefully this means I am back on track for this...
NAME:Commander Fauntleroy Cendle 
BACKGROUND: Fauntleroy, or Face as people call him, was born on Blacron, to a unremarkable family. He joined the Acadamy at the age of 23, having spent most of his undecided in what to do with it. He became a fighter pilot, but was also a very good mechanic. Spending most of his career driving ground vehicles, he proved himself a capable commander, but has yet been offered a promotion. He just recently has been assigned to the Gamma Centauri as First officer.
BEHIND THE SCENES:His name originates form his 'beat up face', and also a reference to a Star Wars character. The face was found by my sister in a recycling centre, and in my early Blacktron 2 years, I was looking for different faces to give all those 'smiling clones' different personalities.
ACQUIRED: Bricklink 2004, Random fig

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dark Ages mean nothing

Especially if the result is an epic base such as this
Adadk's Blacktron I base is full of goodies, such as no less then three Renegades, and various other Blacktron I sets, to monorail. What else can one ask for?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Captain Vince Kragg

Almost forgot I was doing this. Moving and weddings and Comic Expos and crappy computers will do that I guess.
NAME:Captain Vince Kragg 
BACKGROUND: Vince Cragg was born a farmer, and entered the BMA at age 21 to get away from his three younger siblings, who are all still happily farming. After a chemical accident during his 4th year, he had to hospitalized and his right arm, leg, and face had to be replaced with mechanical implants. He then completed his final year of the academy, graduated as a pilot, and served with great distinction in the Fifth Space Police War. During the 3rd year of the War, he and a select group were assigned as a special group known as the Blacktron 3. this group were handed the toughest missions, and Kragg was promoted to captain after his first mission, He is currently on assignment and no more information can be given at this time.
BEHIND THE SCENES: I was most overjoyed at this fig when I first saw Series 3. More Blacktron!?! SWEET!! I impatiently waited for them to hit the stores, and when they did, I picked up a few right away. Though I had to order a few jetpacks/air tanks, cause the fig just looked silly without it.
ACQUIRED:Series 3 Collectable Minifigs, 2011

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Do not cross paths with this bot

Agent WHO has built this tiny little bot that combines two of the most dangerous things in the Universe: Blacktrons and Ninjas

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Better a cliche then nothing, eh?

I can't beleive I never got around to blogging this before. (Okay, with my old computer completely breaking down and being in the middle of getting ready to move, maybe I can believe it) Anyways, thanks to Spacebricks for pointing this out (again) and cheers to Halfbeak for builing such a nifty little thing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

X marks the spot

This niftly little micro ship has been floating around for a bit now, but better late then never, right? Built by nate-decastro of Flickr, this little thing was actually based on a ship built by Pasukaru. No offense, but the Blacktorn 1 will win anyday.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Some things just work

Like the canopy/windsceen that Med Photoblog used in this very nifty Blacktron II mech
Very menacing. Very good. And sorry for the lack of updates, life has been busy, and computer has been crappy. And It seems I missed the anniversary of this blog on April 21st

Monday, March 26, 2012

Another smiling Captain

Yeah, I know, he looks exactly like three of the previous Captains, but it's the backstory that counts, right? Okay, okay I promise a fig who isn't a stock Blacktron II next time. (partly cause my last captain fig isn't a Blacktron II anyways...)
NAME:Captain Sidney Freestyle 
NICKNAME: Crakside 
BACKGROUND: Sidney Freestyle grew up in one of the roughest parts of the Blacktron's First Moon Colony, hence he was tougher, stronger, and smarter then the average person, but still about average height. His father raised him, as his mother was an academic, and spent most her time on the Blacktron homeworld of Blacron. He joined the BMA at age 17, and completed the 5 year course in 4 years, with many a brawl thrown in. Passed with flying colours as a Security officer, but after 6 years of service and 2 promotions, he switched to being a fighter pilot. A Lieutenant-Commander as a pilot, he quickly rose in the ranks until he became a captain, and even though he is almost 40, he is still one of the best pilots, hence why he hasn't been assigned a proper command.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Crakside is my only Blacktron to have a cracked torso, hence the name. I find it very interesting to find that with 30+ Blacktron II torsos, only one is cracked. Many older (and some newer) torsos that I have one or two of have cracked. Also the last name 'Freestyle' derives from, you guessed it, the old Freestyle line, which had many a fig with that classic smile, and well, that is all I know. I should ask my older brothers about the fleshed out backstory, for they are the ones to come up with it, not me.
ACQUIRED: Alpha Centauri Outpost, VIA Bricklink, circa 2005

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hmmm, I am running out of witty things for the title. Or maybe it's just because I am sick. either way, this Blacktron I ship (of which we haven't had to many of lately) is very much worth posting.

Built by Shamisenfred, this Blacktron I ship is not only very swooshable looking (albeit a bit fragile) but it also has a great little backstory. Check it out here

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Star Rider 2

This may look familier to some, for this is the second ship to be called the Star Rider, and both had the same basic design, with many thigns being taken form various Blacktron 2 Sets. The timing of this build (by me, if you didn't get that already...) is very ironic, for just recently, I found that my original Star Rider had been blogged. I had never come across this blog before, but it still gave me a fuzzy feeling inside to see my creation on someone else's blog.

Anyways, the few other pictures of this can be seen here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Captain Jerome Fresten

Tired of Blacktron II figs yet? Possibly, so I'll change it up this time.

NAME: Captain Jerome Fresten
AGE: 36
BACKGROUND: Jerome Fresten was born and raised in the capital city of the Blacktron 1 homeworld. He is one of two children, and comes froma  family that has served the Blacktron I for three generations. His younger brother died in an accident when Jerome was just entering the Blacktron I Armed Forces Institute at the age of 17. He sped through the 4 year course, came out with top grades, and served diligently aboard a Renegade Class ship all the way up to his promotion as Captain at the age of 27. He captained a ship for one year before he was wisked away to a secret mission that undoubtably involves Space Police.
BEHIND THE SCENES: My first Blacktron I, he kind of automatically made captain right away so I made his back story to kind of fit that. I still have to practically shoot my younger sibling down whenever I bring him or either of my other Blacktron I's in the presence of one of my younger silbings, for he is very stubborn in the fact that he believes he should be the only one to have Blacktron I's in my family. he'll just have to get over that fact that I love ALL Blacktron's not just the II's (Though I do admit it is mainly focused on those guys)
ACQUIRED:  Bricklink, year rather abigous

Thursday, February 23, 2012

SLAM it down!

If I recall things correctly, building SLAMs (Which I assume stood for something) was a fad from a  few years ago, but Captain Redstorm, a regular builder of Blacktron, has resurected this fad, with this exellent little Blacktron II ship. Those massive guns on the sige are such a Blacktron thing, and I really love the little arrows on them.

More pictures here.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Double feature!

Since I missed lsst weeks Bio, I'll do a double feature today. (Also these two go hand in hand, anyways)

NAMES: Captain Homer Frestle, Captain Bernard Frestle
NICKNAME:Hollowhead, Bigboy 
AGE:35, 33
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Aerial Intruder class Fighter Fighter
BACKGROUND: Homer and Bernard, brothers, joined at BMA at the age of 19 and 18 respectively, and both had high grades. Homer graduated as a Pilot, and Bernard as a security officer. Homer made captain at the age of 29, but Bernard only recently made the rank at the age of 32. both served on Aerial Intruders, and that is where the currently are serving, both commanding a whole squadron.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Not much to say about these two, other then they came in my first Blacktron set that I acquired. Also, the nick names come from that fact that one didn't have a solid stud type head, which meant I could tell him apart form my other Blacktron figs. (At the time, most all had that smiley face) and the other stemmed from the whole big suit that he had.
ACQUIRED: 6981 Aerial Intruder, via Bricklink 2005

Monday, February 13, 2012

So many angles.....

A new Blacktron II spaceship has surfaced on Flickr, and I had to blog it right away. Shown here is the CE-1 Cyborg Express, built by Vid Legradic. A beautiful ship that has a lot more angles then I could ever do, which I think has something to do with the reason I hear Wraith Hive Ship sounding noises when I look at this.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Alpha Centauri

As alluded to in my last post, I linked to as a yet unposted Spaceship.

I am now rectifying that.

The Alpha Centauri is a ship I built that was based on my second Blacktron ship I built (Which in turn was based on the ship in 6988). Yeah, this one is a vast improvement in every aspect. It has engines, no baseplates, less white, less baseplates, a much better interior layout (But still not perfect) Did I mention no baseplates?

Anyways, enough talking more pictures here.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Captain Jacob Thunder

NAME: Captain Jacob Thunder
AGE: 34
BACKGROUND: Captain Jacob Thunder was an only sibling, and was raised by his mother, for his father died when he was 7. He tried to join the Blacktron Military Academy (BMA) when he was 16, but he was denied.  He failed his pre-requisite, and he kept trying until he was accepted at the age of 19. he had to take an extra year at the academy, for he failed his third year. After serving on the Hammerhead for most of his career, he was finally promoted to captain at the age of 34. He was assigned to the Alpha Centauri, in which the maiden voyage is scheduled in a few weeks time.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Like all my figs that use the Johnny Thunder face, this minifigs automatically got a first name starting with a J, and the last name Thunder. He is also technically not from 6988, but I decided to 'assign' him there, mainly because I could only remember 4 of the 5 figs who originally came with it.
ACQUIRED: 6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost, 2005 (Bricklinked)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Captain Steven Netsooj

May as well get started with this...
NAME: Captain Steven Netsooj
AGE: 32
BACKGROUND: Steven, or Smirky as he is known to most people, was born on the Blacron, the homeworld of the Blacktron II. He had an uneventful childhood. The middle of three children (one brother, one sister), he was the only one to enter the Blacktron Military Academy, at the age of 19. He placed fairly high in all of his classes, but never was tops in any. He passed the 5 year course, and was assigned to the TALANA, were he would eventually rise to 2nd in command. He eventually became Captain at the age of 31, and was assigned to the GAMMA CENTAURI. So far he has proved to be a competent captain, and very loyal to his crew and ship, as well as the Blacktron Government.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Smirky is one of my first Blacktron,(Back in late 2004, I had ordered about a dozen Blacktron 2 figs, of which Smirky was one) and the second one to have a 'personality'.(more about that in another profile) The personality stemmed from the fact that he had only had half a smile, or a 'smirk'. He originally was made a Commander, but then he got promoted twice, and then demoted back to captain. About 2 or so years ago, after much debate on my part, Smirky became my official Space Sigfig. He is also a major character in an story of which I have been working on since mid 2010.
ACQUIRED: Bricklink, 2004, random fig

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes, I am a Geek

So since Blacktron creations have been scarce as of late, I have decided to do a little profile on all of my Blacktron minifigs, of which I have 50 or so, as of this post. I shall (hopefully) doing one profile a week, so this should last me a year. Hmm, maybe I should do two a week... I will also be getting more Blacktron minifigs as time goes by (It's a given, with how much I like them!), so whenever I acquire a new fig, I shall give him a name and profile, then post him/her/it.

A little background information might be useful first, so here goes.

I keep a running tab on all of my Minifigs. (As of this post, I have 1317 minifigs) And most of them have been named! (Even if it is something silly like the last name being their occupation (i.e. Ronette Reporter)) Not all are named. Castle footmen, Stormies, and all around and kind of soldier generally don't have names. Now, my Space minifigs are probably the theme that has the largest  percentage of figs with names. 150 Space Minifigs, with only 9 not having a proper- Wait, only 9!?! That's a freaking 94% with names! I didn't realize it was THAT high! Town probably doesn't even have that high... Anyways, Since ALL of my Blacktron minifigs (Should that be capitalized or not?) had proper(ish) names, and since I had plenty of the, and since I was in the right mood, I took pictures of them, with the intention of posting profiles.

A not that should be considered is that all my Blacktrons are in a military of sorts, and therefore have ranks. And these ranks are pretty much taken straight form Star Trek, which was a VERY heavy influence in my early days of Space Lego MOCing. So all the figs will have any of the ranks of Admiral, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant-Commander, Lieutenant, and Ensign. I am pretty sure Star Trek (And the real life navy which Star Trek gets the ranks from) has a couple different Kinds of Lieutenants and/or ensigns, but my mind back in the day was too simple to understand that, and it has since stuck. I like simple.

Okay, enough talking, I should have the first profile up within a couple days or so (Baring a disaster of any kind)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Micro'ed again!

Another excellent version of the Invader, that classic Blacktron 1 set. This is even fully functional as the real one, as explained by the builder here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aerial Bomber

This is quite possibly the fastest I have posted a MOC of mine here after building it...

Well, the Aerial Bomber, my first MOC of 2012, is a ship built by me, but is based of that classic of a set, 6981 Aerial Intruder.

Backstory of the build is I was in the mood to build some Blacktron, and I had only enough parts to build one cockpit, and I had that large panel extra, so I decided to take another stab at building an Aerial Intruder style ship. (My other attempts being okay at best) The idea of making it a bomber came from games I plyaed with my original 6981, where the ship would use the two little vehicles int he main section as, you guessed it, bombs. Also using that big ol missle as the other cockpit also helped in deciding to make in a bomber. Interesting to note that the pilot in this here ship is one of the two figs from my 6981.

And to top it all off, it is really swooshable!

Rest of the pics here when public