Friday, July 6, 2012

Captain Vince Kragg

Almost forgot I was doing this. Moving and weddings and Comic Expos and crappy computers will do that I guess.
NAME:Captain Vince Kragg 
BACKGROUND: Vince Cragg was born a farmer, and entered the BMA at age 21 to get away from his three younger siblings, who are all still happily farming. After a chemical accident during his 4th year, he had to hospitalized and his right arm, leg, and face had to be replaced with mechanical implants. He then completed his final year of the academy, graduated as a pilot, and served with great distinction in the Fifth Space Police War. During the 3rd year of the War, he and a select group were assigned as a special group known as the Blacktron 3. this group were handed the toughest missions, and Kragg was promoted to captain after his first mission, He is currently on assignment and no more information can be given at this time.
BEHIND THE SCENES: I was most overjoyed at this fig when I first saw Series 3. More Blacktron!?! SWEET!! I impatiently waited for them to hit the stores, and when they did, I picked up a few right away. Though I had to order a few jetpacks/air tanks, cause the fig just looked silly without it.
ACQUIRED:Series 3 Collectable Minifigs, 2011

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