Friday, December 30, 2016

Star Wars fever

It's possible I  may have blogged this before, I certainly recall seeing before, but since I'm in such a Star Wars swing, I thought I'd post it anyways.

Bongobert built this lovely X-wing fighter, obviously stolen and heavily modified. The Jolly Rogers on the wings are a nice touch.

But don't fret, Blacktron will steal from the First Order too, as shown to us by Jesse Horn with his recoloured First Order TIEs.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

MFP Tony

NAME: Tony Siborg
NICKNAME: Technic Man 
AGE: 498
BACKGROUND: Tony is the son of Sammy Cyborg, hence, he has an extremely long lifespan, but he only remembers that last 30-35 years at any given time. His dad sent him out into the galaxy at the age of 400 or so, and after a few decades of wandering about, he got into a incident with the Blacktrons, was imprisoned, scheduled for termination, when Dr. Winks found him, and recruited him into FEZ.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Tony was the first member of FEZ. (Sort of....) I one day just wanted to make a Blacktron technic figure, so I aqcuired the parts then made. Then I wanted to do the same for every other kind of minifig (Friends, martians, microfig, ect.) Next thing I know, I had a whole group, and the beginnings of FEZ was formed.
ACQUIRED: Bricklink

Blacktron 1.5

Locutus shows us what happens when the Blacktron 1 start stealing form the Blacktron 2.

Now I want to see all the Blacktron 2 sets done in Blacktron 1 style. And vise versa!