Saturday, December 10, 2016

MFP Tony

NAME: Tony Siborg
NICKNAME: Technic Man 
AGE: 498
BACKGROUND: Tony is the son of Sammy Cyborg, hence, he has an extremely long lifespan, but he only remembers that last 30-35 years at any given time. His dad sent him out into the galaxy at the age of 400 or so, and after a few decades of wandering about, he got into a incident with the Blacktrons, was imprisoned, scheduled for termination, when Dr. Winks found him, and recruited him into FEZ.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Tony was the first member of FEZ. (Sort of....) I one day just wanted to make a Blacktron technic figure, so I aqcuired the parts then made. Then I wanted to do the same for every other kind of minifig (Friends, martians, microfig, ect.) Next thing I know, I had a whole group, and the beginnings of FEZ was formed.
ACQUIRED: Bricklink

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