Thursday, July 14, 2011

1479 revamped

Twice! And both by Yours Truly!

The first large shuttle was built mainly because I had a bunch of extra Blacktron figs floating around, I had that extra canopy, and I wanted to make a shuttle (Which is what I theorize 1479 Twin Pilot Craft as) The resemblance to 1479 was not planned on at first, but I went with it as the build progressed and as successive modifications came along
The second one was actually built first, and was built intentionally to be a revamped form of 1479 (I think I might have that number memorized now)

Both shuttles include many features of 1479. Cockpit up front. Forward facing wings with those dishes on the ends. Triple engines. Antennas on the sides. Single fin on the rear.

More pictures on Brickshelf when moderation has commenced:

Small Shuttle

Big Shuttle

Oh, and sorry for the mediocre pictures. New camera, plus a recently upgraded computer that has absolutely no editing programs on it will do that.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The results are in!

Well, after a short time judging, and a week or so of procastinating, I have the results for the CIBt 2!

First place goes to Optimal Control's Alien abduction remake:

Second place goes to Ninja Bait's Valkyrie

Congradualtions to the winners! Your prizes will be sent out as soon after I recieve your address as I can.

I shall (hopefull) get a post for each entry soemtime in the near Future, but no promises.