Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Third time's the charm

Okay, so my first attempt at making the gun for my Dalek was this:
Ummm, no. Definitely not. I remember when I saws those trans neon green 2x2 round on the PaB wall, I was all "Awesome! That will work perfectly for my Dalek's gun!" After having much time to look at it (fall apart), I decided that it just wasn't going to cut it. So I then played around with a bunch of 1x1s and I resulted in this:
Well, it was definitely getting better, but there were definitely a few problems. I didn't end up taking a picture, but it looked almost as bad as the first one. The big problem I had, was that of getting all 8 of the outer pillars to line up nicely at the top. I was obviously having brain issues, for I never figured out (Until now) to use this piece. It has resulted in my third, and most likely final, gun:
Now I just need TLG to make those clips in Trans Neon Green. and cheese slopes. Number 1 on my list of parts TLG needs to make is Trans Neon Green cheese slopes. TLG, are you listening? I need those!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blacktron Returns

Abeinspace has recently been posting on Flickr some updated Blactron stuff, like this powersuit. He makes excellent use of the large spacesuit that came with some of the Blacktron sets. I like to call them 'Big Boy' suits.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dr. Winks

NAME:Commander Wilfred Vinks 
NICKNAME: Dr. Winks 
AGE: 42 
BACKGROUND: Wilfred's past is a most guarded secret. No one outside of the High Command knows anything about his past life. Most people don't even know his name. All records of him know him only as 'Dr. Vinks', though everyone calls him Dr. Winks, for he has a tendency to wink at people. A lot. He proudly calls himself a mad scientist, and the stories that come out of his laboratory don't do anything to discourage the claim. 
BEHIND THE SCENES: Dr. Winks isn't actually one of my minifigs. He belongs to my younger brother, but I feel that I contributed enough of his personality that he deserved a spot here. And I like him. He is evil. Since I like him so much, I decided to build one myself. But you can't have two Doctors, right? (I know what you are thinking...) Wrong! I simply made my copy, well, a copy. A clone. He IS a mad scientist, after all.
ACQUIRED: Bricklink, 2013.

Monday, May 13, 2013

And now you know

Well, it is about time I posted about my massive WIP here.

I mean, it is my biggest, longest, most epic creation ever. And it's BLACKTRON! (Though really, if it wasn't, you would never have seen this post.)

If you have been following my Flickr page, you would know that I have been working on a project, a project I have called 'Project D'. You probably also know that Project D is, in fact, a Dalek. A life sized Dalek.


And if you haven't been following my progress on Flickr, you now have the chance to follow my progress here, on CiBt. Well, if all goes according to plan.

Anyways, more than just the the head (Which is complete, even with 1/3 of the neck!) is built. I have also completed the fender, and have a framework for the skirt, and 4 of 11 panels of the skirt done, though a couple are going to need some reworking.
There is only two panels shown here, but a couple more are built. In addition to the above, I also have the plunger arm (complete) and the gun (still WIP) and enough of the round white parts on the panels for the rest of the skirt.

An on going project (I started construction last July) the build is slow. Especially considering how much of the parts I actually am having to purchase. AKA, most of it.

That is all for tonight, but I shall leave you with one last picture. At the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, I had brought my head. and Sylvester Mycoy (The Seventh Doctor) was one of the guests. and he came down to the SALUG booth to see my Dalek head. That was the highlight of that weekend, and so far, the highlight of this year.