Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Third time's the charm

Okay, so my first attempt at making the gun for my Dalek was this:
Ummm, no. Definitely not. I remember when I saws those trans neon green 2x2 round on the PaB wall, I was all "Awesome! That will work perfectly for my Dalek's gun!" After having much time to look at it (fall apart), I decided that it just wasn't going to cut it. So I then played around with a bunch of 1x1s and I resulted in this:
Well, it was definitely getting better, but there were definitely a few problems. I didn't end up taking a picture, but it looked almost as bad as the first one. The big problem I had, was that of getting all 8 of the outer pillars to line up nicely at the top. I was obviously having brain issues, for I never figured out (Until now) to use this piece. It has resulted in my third, and most likely final, gun:
Now I just need TLG to make those clips in Trans Neon Green. and cheese slopes. Number 1 on my list of parts TLG needs to make is Trans Neon Green cheese slopes. TLG, are you listening? I need those!

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