Sunday, June 2, 2013

Time is running out!

There is now less than a month to go in the Colour it Blacktron contest 3! Entries have already surpassed previous years (2 Category 1, 4 Category 2 on Classic Space, and 5 category 1, 1 category 2 on Flickr), but let's see some more! You all want to win prizes!

Speaking of prizes, I finally have a list of the prizes:

Category 1:

1st Place: A used 6876 Alienator

2nd place: A MISB CMF Series 3 Space Villain (Blacktron 3) and a Blacktron 2 Minifig.

Category 2:

1st Place: A used 6878 Sub Orbital Guardian

2nd Place: A MISB CMF series 3 Space Villain (Blacktron 3) and a Blacktron 1 Minifig.

So all three Blacktrons are represented in this year's prize pool, buy being the CiBT 3, what else would you expect?

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