Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Blacktron Thievery Part 1

At some point in the past, I decided to make a Blacktron 2 ship in the style of all the other LEGO Space themes. May have been a suggestion by my brother.

To start things off, I clearly had to start at the beginning, With good ol Classic Space, and the Galaxy Explorer specifically.
The Galaxy Scoundrel, formerly a Galaxy Explorer class ship of small renown, it now serves as a command vessel in the Blacktron Fleet.
I really feel like I captured the essence of the Galaxy Explorer in this MOC, and when aggie_92 built an LDD version of this ship in actual Classic Space colours, it looked right at home.
I could have sworn I posted this ship already, but didn't see it. At this point this ship is rather old now.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

SHIPtember is already in the rearview

But that didn't stop Robert Ward from posting this.
This is the first time, outside of one of my own builds, where I have seen a large Blacktron ship use the cockpit style enlarged from the sets. really wish people would do that more often.
While I really like the front, I'm not fully sold on the back. But each builder has their own likes and dislikes.