Monday, March 26, 2012

Another smiling Captain

Yeah, I know, he looks exactly like three of the previous Captains, but it's the backstory that counts, right? Okay, okay I promise a fig who isn't a stock Blacktron II next time. (partly cause my last captain fig isn't a Blacktron II anyways...)
NAME:Captain Sidney Freestyle 
NICKNAME: Crakside 
BACKGROUND: Sidney Freestyle grew up in one of the roughest parts of the Blacktron's First Moon Colony, hence he was tougher, stronger, and smarter then the average person, but still about average height. His father raised him, as his mother was an academic, and spent most her time on the Blacktron homeworld of Blacron. He joined the BMA at age 17, and completed the 5 year course in 4 years, with many a brawl thrown in. Passed with flying colours as a Security officer, but after 6 years of service and 2 promotions, he switched to being a fighter pilot. A Lieutenant-Commander as a pilot, he quickly rose in the ranks until he became a captain, and even though he is almost 40, he is still one of the best pilots, hence why he hasn't been assigned a proper command.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Crakside is my only Blacktron to have a cracked torso, hence the name. I find it very interesting to find that with 30+ Blacktron II torsos, only one is cracked. Many older (and some newer) torsos that I have one or two of have cracked. Also the last name 'Freestyle' derives from, you guessed it, the old Freestyle line, which had many a fig with that classic smile, and well, that is all I know. I should ask my older brothers about the fleshed out backstory, for they are the ones to come up with it, not me.
ACQUIRED: Alpha Centauri Outpost, VIA Bricklink, circa 2005

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hmmm, I am running out of witty things for the title. Or maybe it's just because I am sick. either way, this Blacktron I ship (of which we haven't had to many of lately) is very much worth posting.

Built by Shamisenfred, this Blacktron I ship is not only very swooshable looking (albeit a bit fragile) but it also has a great little backstory. Check it out here

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Star Rider 2

This may look familier to some, for this is the second ship to be called the Star Rider, and both had the same basic design, with many thigns being taken form various Blacktron 2 Sets. The timing of this build (by me, if you didn't get that already...) is very ironic, for just recently, I found that my original Star Rider had been blogged. I had never come across this blog before, but it still gave me a fuzzy feeling inside to see my creation on someone else's blog.

Anyways, the few other pictures of this can be seen here.