Friday, June 14, 2013

My collection grows

Some people are builders. Some are collectors.
I am both.
Above is a picture of my current collection of Blacktron 2 boxes As it sits right now, I am only likely to acquire one more box, and that is of 6832 Super Nova II. Some of these are more than just boxes, though. Some have Lego in them. the Aerial Intruder box is a recent acquisition, but the actual set that is inside is my first Blacktron set, acquired back in 2005ish. The Spectral Starguider immediately below it is in near mint condition, and that set resides in the box permanently. Don't want to wreck it, after all.

Now, the lower copy of the Spectral Starguider is MISB. And so is the Galactic Scout right next to it. I have a goal in life. To acquire two or three copies of each Blacktron 2 set; 1 for display, 1 for parts (depending of the set, I might forgo this one) and one MISB. As it stands, I have 2 MISB sets, all but Alpha Centauri Outpost built, and various others that are parted out. The most important, and difficult/expensive, part, the having a MISB of each set, I am only 2/11 of the way there. And that is not including the sets such as the Landing pads, or the Super Model.

The rest of the boxes are empty.

Yeah, I am nerdy. Oh, and I have a Blacktron shirt now!

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