Monday, July 16, 2012

Commander Fauntleroy Cendle

Hopefully this means I am back on track for this...
NAME:Commander Fauntleroy Cendle 
BACKGROUND: Fauntleroy, or Face as people call him, was born on Blacron, to a unremarkable family. He joined the Acadamy at the age of 23, having spent most of his undecided in what to do with it. He became a fighter pilot, but was also a very good mechanic. Spending most of his career driving ground vehicles, he proved himself a capable commander, but has yet been offered a promotion. He just recently has been assigned to the Gamma Centauri as First officer.
BEHIND THE SCENES:His name originates form his 'beat up face', and also a reference to a Star Wars character. The face was found by my sister in a recycling centre, and in my early Blacktron 2 years, I was looking for different faces to give all those 'smiling clones' different personalities.
ACQUIRED: Bricklink 2004, Random fig

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