Friday, November 9, 2012

Lieutenant-Commander Andrea Porter

NAME:Lieutenant-Commander Andrea Porter 
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Spectral Starguider
BACKGROUND: Born to two officers in the Blacktron Military, Andrea was borught up mostly by an aunt, but grew to be very much like her parents, and so she joined the Military at the age of 18. Having both parents in the Military, she was able to rise in the ranks very quickly. An exellent shot with just about every form of gun, laser, and even rock throwing, she was handpicked to go on a very special assignment.
BEHIND THE SCENES: One of my most recent figs, there isn't much to say here. Though I am going to point out the custom torso. I have about 3 Blacktron females who sport this torso. It was my first attempt to make a female torso sticker for a minifig, though Andrea wasn't the first fig to use it.
ACQUIRED: A LUG member, 2012


  1. Wait, what IS that weapon? I've never seen it before.

    1. Bit slow in replying, but that is a gun from Brickarms. It is awesome.