Monday, February 20, 2012

Double feature!

Since I missed lsst weeks Bio, I'll do a double feature today. (Also these two go hand in hand, anyways)

NAMES: Captain Homer Frestle, Captain Bernard Frestle
NICKNAME:Hollowhead, Bigboy 
AGE:35, 33
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Aerial Intruder class Fighter Fighter
BACKGROUND: Homer and Bernard, brothers, joined at BMA at the age of 19 and 18 respectively, and both had high grades. Homer graduated as a Pilot, and Bernard as a security officer. Homer made captain at the age of 29, but Bernard only recently made the rank at the age of 32. both served on Aerial Intruders, and that is where the currently are serving, both commanding a whole squadron.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Not much to say about these two, other then they came in my first Blacktron set that I acquired. Also, the nick names come from that fact that one didn't have a solid stud type head, which meant I could tell him apart form my other Blacktron figs. (At the time, most all had that smiley face) and the other stemmed from the whole big suit that he had.
ACQUIRED: 6981 Aerial Intruder, via Bricklink 2005

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