Monday, February 27, 2012

Captain Jerome Fresten

Tired of Blacktron II figs yet? Possibly, so I'll change it up this time.

NAME: Captain Jerome Fresten
AGE: 36
BACKGROUND: Jerome Fresten was born and raised in the capital city of the Blacktron 1 homeworld. He is one of two children, and comes froma  family that has served the Blacktron I for three generations. His younger brother died in an accident when Jerome was just entering the Blacktron I Armed Forces Institute at the age of 17. He sped through the 4 year course, came out with top grades, and served diligently aboard a Renegade Class ship all the way up to his promotion as Captain at the age of 27. He captained a ship for one year before he was wisked away to a secret mission that undoubtably involves Space Police.
BEHIND THE SCENES: My first Blacktron I, he kind of automatically made captain right away so I made his back story to kind of fit that. I still have to practically shoot my younger sibling down whenever I bring him or either of my other Blacktron I's in the presence of one of my younger silbings, for he is very stubborn in the fact that he believes he should be the only one to have Blacktron I's in my family. he'll just have to get over that fact that I love ALL Blacktron's not just the II's (Though I do admit it is mainly focused on those guys)
ACQUIRED:  Bricklink, year rather abigous

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