Monday, February 6, 2012

Captain Jacob Thunder

NAME: Captain Jacob Thunder
AGE: 34
BACKGROUND: Captain Jacob Thunder was an only sibling, and was raised by his mother, for his father died when he was 7. He tried to join the Blacktron Military Academy (BMA) when he was 16, but he was denied.  He failed his pre-requisite, and he kept trying until he was accepted at the age of 19. he had to take an extra year at the academy, for he failed his third year. After serving on the Hammerhead for most of his career, he was finally promoted to captain at the age of 34. He was assigned to the Alpha Centauri, in which the maiden voyage is scheduled in a few weeks time.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Like all my figs that use the Johnny Thunder face, this minifigs automatically got a first name starting with a J, and the last name Thunder. He is also technically not from 6988, but I decided to 'assign' him there, mainly because I could only remember 4 of the 5 figs who originally came with it.
ACQUIRED: 6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost, 2005 (Bricklinked)

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  1. Random thought--and it might not make a difference if you've already taken all the fig pictures--but since Blacktron figs are 75% white, it might make sense to photograph them on a not-white paper. Capt. Thunder almost looks like he's fading into the ground.