Monday, January 30, 2012

Captain Steven Netsooj

May as well get started with this...
NAME: Captain Steven Netsooj
AGE: 32
BACKGROUND: Steven, or Smirky as he is known to most people, was born on the Blacron, the homeworld of the Blacktron II. He had an uneventful childhood. The middle of three children (one brother, one sister), he was the only one to enter the Blacktron Military Academy, at the age of 19. He placed fairly high in all of his classes, but never was tops in any. He passed the 5 year course, and was assigned to the TALANA, were he would eventually rise to 2nd in command. He eventually became Captain at the age of 31, and was assigned to the GAMMA CENTAURI. So far he has proved to be a competent captain, and very loyal to his crew and ship, as well as the Blacktron Government.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Smirky is one of my first Blacktron,(Back in late 2004, I had ordered about a dozen Blacktron 2 figs, of which Smirky was one) and the second one to have a 'personality'.(more about that in another profile) The personality stemmed from the fact that he had only had half a smile, or a 'smirk'. He originally was made a Commander, but then he got promoted twice, and then demoted back to captain. About 2 or so years ago, after much debate on my part, Smirky became my official Space Sigfig. He is also a major character in an story of which I have been working on since mid 2010.
ACQUIRED: Bricklink, 2004, random fig

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