Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aerial Bomber

This is quite possibly the fastest I have posted a MOC of mine here after building it...

Well, the Aerial Bomber, my first MOC of 2012, is a ship built by me, but is based of that classic of a set, 6981 Aerial Intruder.

Backstory of the build is I was in the mood to build some Blacktron, and I had only enough parts to build one cockpit, and I had that large panel extra, so I decided to take another stab at building an Aerial Intruder style ship. (My other attempts being okay at best) The idea of making it a bomber came from games I plyaed with my original 6981, where the ship would use the two little vehicles int he main section as, you guessed it, bombs. Also using that big ol missle as the other cockpit also helped in deciding to make in a bomber. Interesting to note that the pilot in this here ship is one of the two figs from my 6981.

And to top it all off, it is really swooshable!

Rest of the pics here when public

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