Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes, I am a Geek

So since Blacktron creations have been scarce as of late, I have decided to do a little profile on all of my Blacktron minifigs, of which I have 50 or so, as of this post. I shall (hopefully) doing one profile a week, so this should last me a year. Hmm, maybe I should do two a week... I will also be getting more Blacktron minifigs as time goes by (It's a given, with how much I like them!), so whenever I acquire a new fig, I shall give him a name and profile, then post him/her/it.

A little background information might be useful first, so here goes.

I keep a running tab on all of my Minifigs. (As of this post, I have 1317 minifigs) And most of them have been named! (Even if it is something silly like the last name being their occupation (i.e. Ronette Reporter)) Not all are named. Castle footmen, Stormies, and all around and kind of soldier generally don't have names. Now, my Space minifigs are probably the theme that has the largest  percentage of figs with names. 150 Space Minifigs, with only 9 not having a proper- Wait, only 9!?! That's a freaking 94% with names! I didn't realize it was THAT high! Town probably doesn't even have that high... Anyways, Since ALL of my Blacktron minifigs (Should that be capitalized or not?) had proper(ish) names, and since I had plenty of the, and since I was in the right mood, I took pictures of them, with the intention of posting profiles.

A not that should be considered is that all my Blacktrons are in a military of sorts, and therefore have ranks. And these ranks are pretty much taken straight form Star Trek, which was a VERY heavy influence in my early days of Space Lego MOCing. So all the figs will have any of the ranks of Admiral, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant-Commander, Lieutenant, and Ensign. I am pretty sure Star Trek (And the real life navy which Star Trek gets the ranks from) has a couple different Kinds of Lieutenants and/or ensigns, but my mind back in the day was too simple to understand that, and it has since stuck. I like simple.

Okay, enough talking, I should have the first profile up within a couple days or so (Baring a disaster of any kind)

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