Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alpha Orion II

My latest Blacktron II SHIP, the Alpha Orion II:

First off, yeah it's kind of boxy. but that is because this ship was built a little different then my others. This one I had designed the interior first. Basically with most my ships, I'll build the exterior first, and then fit the interior inside. This ship was built because I wanted to have an interior that wasn't lacking in some places, most especially the living quarters.
As you can see above, the living quarters are a lot more elaborate than any previous ship's. Each crew member actually have their one bed, with some personal items (With the exception of the ensigns..) The captain even has his own room! The ship also has the usual bridge, enginering, and two shuttle bays, but I won't go into those.

For more pictures, please visit the Brickshelf gallery here


  1. Hey, space is a vacuum, no need for big ships to be sleek. very cool interior!

  2. Nice. Beautiful. I like it very much, it is really impressive... ah, i'd love a Blacktron III