Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ensign Paul Smith

Time to go out of the usual program and pick someone low ranking...
NAME:Ensign Paul Smith 
BACKGROUND: Paul Smith is the nephew of a Blacktron who defected to the M-Trons. An only child who's parents were gone a lot, Paul had to fend for himself much, hence he found a love for tinkering with things, especially engines. At the age of 16, he simply left his absent parents to join the BMA, and strangely was accepted at a young age. He graduated middle of the class, and became an engineer. The Alpha Centauri is his second assignment, and he is looking forward to hearing his favorite sound, the sound of a engine going full out.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Named after a younger brother, this Minifig is related to an M-tron by virtue of that younger brother loving M-tron, and having a M-tron fig with the same face, known as a 'Smith' face to my family.
ACQUIRED: Alpha Centauri Outpost, VIA Bricklink, circa 2006

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