Thursday, April 23, 2009

Color it Blacktron contest!

On Classic Space, ColorSchemer came up with a brilliant idea. A contest for this blog.

And so this contest is born.

The contest is:

Rebuild a ship that you built. You can use any ship that YOU built.


  • It must have been built by you.

  • It must be in either Blacktron I or Blacktron II color schemes (I want no Space Police colored creations).

  • You may have some leeway concerning cockpits, seeing as there is only a limited amount of Trans-neon green cockpits. Try and keep the cockpits reasonable. I don't think I want to see trans purple on the ship.

  • No clones.

  • I would prefer it to be fig scale, but if it is microscale, or Technic even, I won't disqualify them.

  • It cannot be a remake of an existing Blacktron creation, or of any Blacktron set, or any other set for that matter.

Contest closes on Midnight, May 30, 2009, so get building! (Use your own timezone)

There will be a prize for first place only. (Look three post above this one.)

Concerning entries:

May the Force be your guide in building a totally awsome ship.

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