Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here it is again!

The Colour it Blacktron Contest is back!

This time is a little different then last. Instead of just building an old creation in Blacktron colours, you can also build any official set in the Blacktron colour schemes.


-NO clones! (Custom pieces are allowed)
-Digital entries are allowed.
-No piece or size limit.
-No Blacktron 3 creations.

Prizes (assuming Bricklink comes through):

1st place: A used 6894 Invader with a Blacktron II minifig.
2nd place: A used 6832 Super Nova 2, without Instructions.

It isn't much, but hopefully it will make you build some Blacktron!

If you have any questions, either comment ont his post, or ask them at Classic Space here:

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