Monday, July 15, 2013

And the winner is...

You people sure stepped it up this year.  Lets have some stats before we get to the winners:
38 entries (24 in category 1, 14 in category 2) that is pretty much 3 times the amount of the other two years combined!
13 different builders, so almost 3 entries per builder. (6 people had one entry, 1 person had 2, 3 people had 3, 1 person had 8, and one person had 12!)
Blacktron I had a slight edge in entries with 20, with Blacktron II having 17. (One entry was equal, so it didn't fit either one.)
Okay, enough talking, here are your winners of the Colour it Blacktron III contest of 2013!!!
First place goes to Optimal Control with his Blacktron Knight's Castle:
I once wanted to make a Blacktron castle a long time ago, and seeing this rekindled that crazy dream. Also, I love the way he made the triangles on the gate. pure awesome.
Second place goes to Admiral Redey with his Blacktron Daleks.
Those are probably the best minifig scale Daleks out there, though mine is still bigger, even if it is not complete.

Honorable Mentions:

The Blacktron Pearl Combining two of my loves, sailing ships and Blacktron. Bonus points for the name.
Shanghai Chase Even though half of this is SP1, it is much better because of it.
Dolphin Point I just find the whole idea of doing a Paridisa set to be awesome in it's own right. Though it should have been called Stingray Point.
Twinfire One of my more favorite classic Space sets. also a rather unique one. Also one that lends itself well to the Blacktron colours.

First place goes to Spaceruner with his Carp Class Scoutship.
I really like how he was able to incorporate those 10x10 quarter domes. Not an easy thing to do, and he did it well.
Second place goes to zwitl and his Blacktron Vindicator
It's wider than it's long, which isn't to common, and it's armed to the teeth. Also very greeblied.
Honorable mentions:
Neo-Blacktron Mover Very sleek, though could use some weapons.
Orbital Intruder Having actually seen this one in the brick, it kind of helped.
Blacktron Raiders Speeder bikes  These remind me of sharks. Sharks and Blacktron go together well.
To all those who won a prize, please send me an email to claim your booty! My email is blacktron4 (AT) (Switch the (AT) with @)
Thanks to all who entered, and hope to see you in 2015 for the CiBt 4!

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