Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MFP Lt. Cmdr. Pamella Watson

Been awhile since I have done a MFP (Minifig Profile), and since I was struck with inspiration during the later stages of work today, here you go!
NAME: Lieutenant-Commander Pamella Watson 
AGE: 29 
BACKGROUND: After doing the 2 years of Mandatory Military Training, Pamella decided to stay on, following the footsteps of her brother. sadly, when she had only been an ensign for two months, her brother was in a terrible accident, and he was drummed out of the Military. Determined to keep her brothers dream alive, she continued her training, dedicating her career to her brother. Her great ability as a pilot, as well as her great leadership skills has seen her rise through the ranks very rapidly. Generally a quite person, she mostly keeps to herself.
BEHIND THE SCENES: One of the few minifigs who I have actually promoted throughout the course of having the fig. She is definitely one of my top 3 female Blacktrons (Out of 11, as of when I type this). She was also from my first batch of Blacktron minifigs, though she didn't get her face right away.
ACQUIRED: Bricklink, 2004.

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