Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Microscale Fleets are for wimps

A bit late in posting this here. I had planned on posting each individual ship first, but I got sidetracked. No surprise, really. Anyways, here is my Epsilon 9 battle fleet (And all but the small ship in the background are minifig illusion scale.)

The fleet contains the following ships:
The flagship of the fleet, is the Epsilon Corvus

Two support corvettes the Beta Centauri and the Delta Centauri.

The Tyrax, the state-of-the-art Talana Class Frigate.

A Super Nova 4, an Allied Avenger 2, and a Atmo Bomber provide Fighter cover.

A small shuttle is there bringing the esteemed mad scientist Dr. Winks.

Atroop transport has also been added to the mix, in case any enemy ships need to be boarded.

And hanging behind, the heavy cruiser Gamma Centauri.

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