Saturday, January 10, 2015

OMR #3 Alpha Orion, The Lost Ship

Been a while since I posted anything here. Not many creations to post, really busy holidays, and a good dose of laziness will do that. So I'll just do another OMR (That's Old MOC Review)

This one is a very unique spaceship, as I never took pictures of it. I was lucky that my dad randomly took these pictures, otherwise I would have no evidence that this MOC existed, outside of my and my two younger brother's memories.

The Alpha Orion was over 100 studs, that much I recall, and I had built it just to have a bigger ship than my youngest brother. This ship is much cooler than I remember. I never took pictures of it because I wasn't happy with it (I do recall the engines were just the wheels from the Spectral Starguider), but looking back at it now, this is a pretty cool ship.
That's me int he red shirt, many years ago.

I recently built a ship that was inspired by the Alpha Orion, the Epsilon Corvus, but the resemblance isn't that great.

I really regret not taking pictures of the Alpha Orion now. But it will always reside in my memory (And that of my younger brothers) as that ship that looked really good crashed.

Exterior: 7/10. Looks quite cluttered, but also greeblied. Really hard to tell with the small pictures.
Interior: 7/10. Only going off of memory here, but I remember it had a lot of cool stuff.
Nostalgia 9/10. One of the most fun games involved this ship crashing, and I really wish I had more pictures of this.
Colour is Blacktron! 9.5/10. Only really problem I can find with this, is not quite enough white.
Swooshablity: 6/10 I don't think this swooshed to well, as I remember it most as being crashed.

Overall: 7.7/10. Higher than the Alpha Centauri, but lower than the Talana.

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