Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back to Mata Nui

I've already established that I am a fan of Bionicle. Heck, I would say I am a huge fan of it. and I am one of those rare AFOLs who build in both your normal Lego bricks and Bionicles.

Now, often my love for the system brick (specifically Blacktron) and Bionicle collide, and what results in Blacktron Bionicles.

Some of these guys are not new. You may recognize the elephant headed one. but a couple are new.
One of the best things to come out of the 2nd Generation of Bionicle, was the melded black and neon green mask.

I don't limit myself to just Blacktron 2 (Though anyone can tell I am biased towards it), I do build in the original Blacktron every now and then, even in Bionicle.
All this Bionicle build has sidetracked me from other half completed projects, one of which is a Blacktron SHIP....

More pictures of the Bionicles can be found here, if one is interested.

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