Thursday, December 1, 2011

Novvember is over

And it only brought 2 Blacktron II, and 1 Blacktron I. Hmmmm... how come there wasn't 3 Blacktron III?
Anyways, top one was built by Pasukaru, a regular contributer to this blog, and the bottom one was built by none other then me.
I must say, Pasukaru's photo editing skills far exceed mine. Not hard when I have none at all.



  1. Hi Elephant Knight

    Sorry for posting this here but didn't know where else to post it. Or how to get into contact with you.

    I grew up with blacktron I and II when I was younger and LOVED it.

    So I read your blog every now and then and I came upon this:

    Cuusoo is a way to get Lego to listen to the fans and with 10 supporters you might even get Blacktron3 I'm the first to support the guy but hey it has to start somewhere. You might want to do a actual post about it on the blog.