Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The well is empty

With a lack of new material lately, I have dug into my Brickshelf folder to see what Blacktron stuff I had forgotten (Or was in the midst of a computer problem) to blog. 

So as the picture above appears, it isn't a spaceship, but a mech(a?) This is my third (I think) attempt at making a mech of any kind, and I feel it turned out fairly well. It is actually a revamped 6878 Sub Orbital Guardian.

Those dark bley pieces on the feet have been replaced with black since the picture, but I am too lazy to take new pictures

More pictures can be seen here in the archaic Brickshelf


  1. What well do you draw from? I run and have often found myself out of new stuff for a while. I've got some blacktron mocs I can toss your way if you're desperate. Nothing great. Honest, but I know what it's like to try to find new stuff to blog.

  2. Hi,

    It's not in Blacktron, but... this is my Lego video/christmas card, hope you like it!

    I wish you a merry christmas.


    Marc-André Caron, Québec, Canada