Sunday, September 11, 2016

When worlds collide

Little known fact #1: I like Bionicle

Little known fact #2: The title is very punny if you know the Bionicle story.

So here is what happens when I build my self-MOC. Bionicle and Blacktron (Plus Pirate! And Star Wars!)

Little known fact #3: This is the first, and maybe the last, MOC I have ever built that could be on all three of the blogs that I have (This one, my defunct Pirate on, and the Bionicle one I share with my brother.
I am really happy with how the head turned out.

This isn't the first Blacktron Bionicle I have built. Kotonn here was first. He is part of FEZ. Remember that? Yeah, it's still a thing, Updates Fridays.

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  1. All of the builds you post here are awesome! I posted this recently to Reddit, let me know what you think!