Saturday, September 17, 2016

MFP Axel Erate

Anyone remember these? No?

NAME: Axel Erate
AGE: ????? 
BACKGROUND: Axel Erate is a Xalaxian. Therefore, he has a love for three things. farting, racing, and farting. He heard about an intergalactic race. Unfortunately, halfway through the race, he crashed into a Blacktron racer, and was imprisoned by the Blacktrons. He wasn't incarcerated for long, however as Doctor Winks found about him. He released him from prison, under the condition that he join the newly formed special ops team Fleebnork Extermination, Zeta squad, or FEZ. An excellent pilot, his talents were put to use
BEHIND THE SCENES: This guy is one of the 14 members of FEZ, who I will be spotlighting on Fridays (I'm a day late this time...), as their storyline in my comic will be focusing on their past. FEZ is full of various forms of minifigs (Duplo, Homemaker, techinc, etc.)I custom made. This guy was on of the easiest, though Sharpying his arms wasn't too easy. You can check out the Comic here, Updates Fridays!
ACQUIRED: Bricklink, 2013.

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