Friday, October 21, 2016

MFP Daisy

NAME: Daisy
NICKNAME: Stupid, Useless, Surfboard, Shield 
AGE: ?????.....? 
BACKGROUND: No one really knows what Daisy's background. He/she/it simply wandered out of Dr. Wink's lab one day saying "Hi there" to everyone.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Another member of FEZ (I said I was going to do this every Friday, but I SHOULD have mentioned that I am going to do this on Fridays where they go and meet their family.
ACQUIRED: Interesting story. The head of this guy belongs to one of my oldest Lego sets. When I acquired the set, I have no idea, but I am fairly certain it was 1850 Freestyle set Polybag. I have no way of confirming this outside of finding a time machine, but the parts fit with what I had. I had no inner struggles with taking a Sharpie to the head to get the neon green visor effect. The rest of the body I simply built to resemble a Blacktron II minifig and the normal "body" piece those "figures" had.

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