Sunday, September 24, 2017

Borealis Might

Oddly enough, even though I am posting a SHIP, during SHIPtember, this was not a build for SHIPtember. It was originally built back in July and August, I'm only now just getting around to posting it here.
Clocking in at 103 studs long (about 106 with antennas) It isn't my longest ship by any means, but it does break a record. With 6 decks, it's my SHIP with the most decks, the previous record being that of the old Hammerhead 2. This ship is pretty much an enlarged, revamped, much better version of that old ship.

Capable of landing, these Hammerhead class ships are often utilized as mobile bases during the conquering of planets or cities. Capable of carrying two Allied Avengers, or six Supernova in the rear fighter bay, and either 2 Sub Orbital Guardians or 2 Tri-Wheeled Tiraxs in the lower vehicle bay, The Borealis Might is a small fleet unto itself, on ground or in space. The main weapons on the ship are 4 double barreled heavy cannons, and 8 dual blasters. Three nukes and 12 missiles complete it. 

The decks are as follows:
Deck 1, the top, Crew quarters.
Deck 2, More crew quarters, plus rec room/messhall.
Deck 3, Medical level/science lab.
Deck 5, Engineering (Located under the fighter bay in the rear section) and missile bay.
Deck 6, Ground vehicle bay

All in all, I'm very pleased with  this ship, it's easily one of my favorites I have built so far.

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