Saturday, September 9, 2017

Rusting away in a junkyard somewhere...

Do you remember these two ships? The Beta Centauri and Delta Centauri?
Typically my MOCs (That was redundant....) have a shelf life of some sorts. Some longer than others, some never get broken. these particular ships were built about 3 years ago. One of them has been destroyed for over 2 years, but the other has survived this entire time, but not without modifications.

I now present the Theta Centauri:

I took the ship that survived, and modified it to look all rusted and decrepit. I also removed most of the guns, the back story being that the ship was decommissioned and all the useful components were removed.
 I've waited all this time to post the updated version, simply because I feel all the dust was necessary. It certainly adds to the affect, in my opinion.

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